Udai Omni has been in the forefront of Spine surgery in our country. Over the last 3 decades avariety of spine surgeries are carried out at this centre which is cost effective and of highest international standards.


Correction of  severe deformity in a 26 year old female patient

Be it at birth or in those who develop deformities of the spine during their teens, the Spine department at Udai Omni has been in the forefront of correction of these deformities in our country.

Surgeries are offered to children who are over a year old to any age to help with those with hunch back (scoliosis) or round black (kyphosis). Excellent results can be obtained when operated early.


Most of us suffer from low back pain at some point in our life and a few would require surgery for the slipped disc in the lower back. Endoscopic surgery
(where small cameras are used), use of microscopes etc. are some of the minimally invasive technologies that are routinely carried out at our centre giving excellent results with relief from pain and rapid return to work. In patients with neck problems decompressions followed by fusion or Cervical disc replacements are done.


A condition where one vertebra slips forward over the otherresulting in pressure over the nerves: With use of pedicle screws and rodseven complex and high grade slipsare reduced to their anatomical position giving excellent pain relief.Use of most advanced minimally invasive technology at our spine unit helps in rapid recovery.
Complete restoration of displaced severely moved forward L5 vertebra over S1


With ever increasing number of industrial and road traffic accidents the number of patients with fractures of spine with or without paralysis is increasing.From simple spinal instrumentation surgeries to complex reconstructions of the fractured spine help the patient to sit up the next day .Early mobilization and rehabilitation is done with the help of dedicated physiotherapists.


Fractures of spine due to old age are corrected with techniques such as kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty. These procedures are done under local anaesthesia and patient can be up and about on the sameday.Signicant instantaneous pain relief is obtained.

The bent and crooked spine

Scoliosis and kyphosis are deformities of spine that can be present at birth or can develop in later life. Our institute has been in the forefront of surgical correction of these deformities in the last three decades. From children over a year old to any age ,surgical corrections are done with excellent results


Infections of spine, tumors, cancers of spine & spinal cord, spinal stenosis and deformity can all be treated by various surgical techniques and these surgeries are routinely carried out at our centre.

Traditional methods of surgery would result in gross restriction of neck rotations and movement
Odontoid screw :  Following this modern technique there is no restriction of neck movements and rapid recovery


Case Study 1

Fracture of C2 : Odontoid fracture

  • Fractures of neck can be devastating with complications ranging from death to complete paralysis
  • A simple screw fixation with a small incision is all that is required to fix some of these fractures
  • Excellent healing and complete restoration of neck movements is achieved
  • A 22 year old man met with a road traffic accent and broke his neck
  • X rays and scans revealed a fracture of Odontoid (2nd vertebra in the neck)

Advantages of Odontoid screw

  • Traditional methods of surgery would result in gross restriction of neck rotations and movement
  • Odontoid screw : Following this modern technique there is no restriction of neck movements and rapid recovery

Case Study: Fractures of spine/span>

  • 24 Year old young man met with Road traffic accident and sustained injury to his upper back. He was in severe pain, not able to walk and was admitted to nearby hospital. Subsequently he was shifted to Udai Omni hospital
  • A diagnosis of fracture of D7 and D8 vertebra was made (upper back vertebrae) the spine was bent forwards more than normal(Kyphosis) and he sustained ligament and muscle damage in the upper back (fig. 1)

  • He was evaluated and was operated the following day. His spine was stabilized with rods and screws and the patient was out of bed the next day. He had excellent correction of deformity of his spine and his pain significantly reduced after surgery


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